The Mog Mile. Version 1.26

AO: Olympus
QIC: Maj Payne
The PAX: Snappy Lunch, Hickory, 2.0 Pine Tar, Mule, Glee, Hightower, NAFTA

It was Africa cold (hey…South Africa can be cold. Work with me here!) and no one had signed up to Q. So, YHC decided it would be fun to jump on the opportunity. Ready to tackle the unknown, the PAX charged forward into the gloom for a version of the Mog mile. Here’s what they did.

WU: SSH x 25, IW x 15, WMH x 10, BWS x 30, Merkins x 15 in cadence (IC)

The Thang: Charge up Mt Olympus! No stairs though. There will be plenty of time for that!

Mosey to the stadium to run the home field stands. At the far end, 10 x Merkins in cadence (IC). Mosey to visitor stands where all pax completed 20 x BWS before running the stadium steps. Mosey to track, 9 x Merkins IC. Then mosey toward home field steps. 18 x BWS and then bear crawl home field steps. Then 8 x Merkins IC. Mosey and 16 BWS before bear crawling visitor steps. Once complete, 7 x Merkins IC. Mosey toward home steps for 14 BWS. Bunny hop home steps, then 6 x Merkins IC.
Mosey to visitor steps and 12 BWS. Crawl bear half the visitor steps, the switch to lunge the steps and move to the 5 x Merkins IC. Mosey around track for 10 BWS, then around track completing the circuit all the way down to zero.

Move off Mt Olympus for some Mary around the horn. NAFTA American twists, PineTar flutter kicks, Hickory Hello Dollies, Hightower heels to heaven, Snappy Lunch sit-ups, Glee windshield wipers, Mule Freddie Mercuries and MP ring of fire.

Announcements: Thursday 2dF at Dogwpod Tavern in Falls Church 8p. Be there. Also sign up for Mar 22-24 GrowRuck!

COT: lots of people out there who have been Herton due to the government shut down. They may be frayed at the edges. Have compassion and pick them up. Be kind to others. Be positive. Be a leader!


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