The Patriot

QIC: Deflator

The PAX: Horsepunch, Subprime, Noodle, Bone, Prenup, Jenner, Dr. D, Speedo, Soot

10 HIM converged on a misty Friday AM to get better together. Hurricane Florence had made landfall much farther south and spared the NOVA area, clearing the way for a 1st F as planned.


Arm Circles x15F x15R
Don Quixotes x15
SSHops x27
Merkins x20
Fire Drills x10 (each PAX called it)

(Note: 27-20 was in celebration of the NE Patriots season opening victory over the Houston Texans on Sunday)

We did two things in recognition of Hurricane “Flo”-rence. First, each PAX was tasked with randomly shouting “Kiss My Grits” (think “Flo” from the 70’s sitcom “Alice”) to another PAX, who the led the group in three exercises: 5 flutterKicks, 5 Merkins, 5 Alabama Ass Kickers (aka “grits”). Second, we ran like “Flo”-Jo doing a Burping Indian – last PAX dropped and did two burpees, ran up to the front and tapped the next last guy along the way (repeat-o).

Mosey to a goal line on the field. YHC led a series of exercises acting as a “Quarterback” calling plays, where the first part of the play call was the method to get to the other end zone (aka the transit), and the second part was what to do when you get to the other end zone. The transit playbook included a sprint 100 (yards); backwards run 100, side shuffle 100; three burpees every 10 yards; bear crawl 50/crab walk 50; walking imperial walkers 100. The exercise at the far end zone included 20 counts of Merkins, overhead claps, lunges, ski jumps, mountain climbers, squats, and maybe one or two more that escape my memory. For example: “Bear Crawl 50! Crab Walk 50! 20 Squat! Hike!”

We finished with a final lap to the F3 Jody.

Count and Name-o-rama successfully completed. BOM and out.

NMM – YHC had a lot of fun. It was challenging but all PAX did a great job contributing with the “Kiss My Grits” interruptions and the Fire Drill calling. Nice work men! A little EC before hand and coffee afterwards were great additions in the spirit of the 2nd F.

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