Dice Game

When: 7/30/2018

Where: The Patriot
Q: Maj Payne
The PAX: Subprime, Jenner, Rousey (DR PAX from F3 Newport News), Dr. Dandelion, Dodgeball, Bone
WU: 25xSSH, 20xIW, 10xFLBAC, 10xRLBAC, 10xSeal Claps, 20xMerkins, 20xCheerleaders, 1x Lap around track to join the FIA girls for a few exercises.
The Thang: 2 rounds, 45sec on/15sec off: plank jacks, butterfly sit-ups, Peter Parkers, flutter kicks, burpees.
Then dice game. Each PAX had a turn throwing dice, one with number of reps, other with exercises: side jacks, Merkins, BWS, line running, and others.
Finally, a quick bear 50m crawl, partner up and PAX 1 hold BTTW while PAX 2 knocks out LBCs. Swap as necessary. As a team, complete 300 LBCs.
COT: Thank you Lord for the ability to gather today. Life throws curveballs at us all and the opportunity to gather together in fitness and fellowship helps us all to make it through the gloom together as brothers. Help us to continue making ourselves stronger and better, and help us to bring others into the PAX so that they may discover what we all have found.

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