Checking In with Samara

When: 7/9/2018

Q’s: Dr. D and SubPrime

The PAX: Major Payne, Gavel, Leprechaun, Shamrock, Dodgeball, Hightower, Jenner, Speedo

Warm-Up: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, Inchworm out to DownDog X 2, 15 merkins at plank

10 PAX made it out for an unseasonably pleasant morning. The PAX, all gentlemen, relinquished Patriot Field to support the (allegedly) newly named “Arlington Bad Ass Mommas” FiA-like workout – including the M’s of Major Payne, Dr. D and Prenup.

The PAX mosey’d over to the basketball court along with 5 sledges for warm-up and friendly banter. 4 of the PAX broke off to go wake up Samara and bring her out to play.

The Thang:

Round 1:

P1. Alternating Chicken Peckers (it’s cool, all dudes) and People’s Chair against wall of Yorktown HS.

P2. Tire: Made music with 4 PAX alternating arms taking Sledge Hammers to Samara in a show of love for approximately 2 minutes. These 4 then switched to flipping the tire across the basketball court and back.

P3. (Timer) Run around school – taking a sledge (representing the burden of leadership a la Hightower) stopping for dips in the “Arena” and Australian push ups at ramp.

Round 2:

P1. Alternating lunges and big boy sit ups

P2. Tire: Alternating box jumps (10) and derkins (10) until runners returned

P3. (Timer) Run around school – same as before.

Closeout: Walking Samara home: 5 PAX walking like egyptians while remaining 5 flip tire. The front Egyptian hops over to the tire and PAX cycle through until Samara was back to her home in the woods.

Mary: ‘Merican Twists, Bicycles, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters

Announcements: Convergence at Lake Braddock HS this weekend at 7am for the inaugural F3 Fairfax.

COT: Congratulations to Hightower and lets support each other.

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