Catch me if you Can

DATE: 2021-12-14
AO: Delphi
Q: Hightower
PAX: Ashe, Bluegrass, Dunder, Glee, Hightower, Hoolihan, K-Pop, Nano, Obadiah, YNAB, Juneau FNGs: None
Warm up laps around field & stretches

Partner up, Partner 1 does exercise then chases after Partner 2, while Partner 2 runs backwards full length of field. The Flip Flop to return. Round 1: 3 burpees
Round 2: 10 Merkins
Round 3: 15 squats
Round 4: 10 star jumps
Round 5: 3 Get-ups
After each round rotate partners.
Followed by general stretching before Mary

First round of Mary, until I got spooked by crying foxes. Then we mosseyed to other side of field. To complete second round of Mary.

Prayers for families destroyed in Kentucky tornadoes.
2F Bowling Thurs in Falls Church
3F Wreathes across America Saturday

This is the time to Give. Find it in your heart to give to others. Christmas less than 2 weeks away. Much appreciation for all those that support Give to Give campaign.

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