Space Station Sighting

DATE: 2021-11-08
AO: Patriot
Q: Wedding Singer
PAX: Lazlo, Roadkill, CableGuy, Bone, Ice Tea, Jenner, My Space, Shake and Bake, Lucius, Spokes FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, imperial walkers, cherry pickers, WMH, Downward Dog, Worlds Greatest Stretch THE THANG:
Mosey to front of school – 10 burpees
10 step ups / 10 durkins 3 x
Mosey to basketball courts with some bear crawls along the way 10 burpees
10 shoulder taps / 10 mountain climbers 3x (counted by Cable Guy) Mosey to parking lot
10 burpees
10 merkins / 10 squats
10 Peter Parker merkins / 10 curtsy squats
10 wide arm merkins / 10 side lunge squats
Mosey to stadium, run a lap, wall sits, hand stands
MARY: Freddie Mercuries, side plank twists, side plank crunches, LBCs, American hammers, toe touch crunch, Superman’s, Big Boy Sit Ups, flutter kicks ANNOUNCEMENTS: Turkey Trots, JBL run
COT: the workout routine is important, and good to keep up the discipline. The special events are a great way to mix it up, celebrate accomplishments, meet like-minded people. The Grunt was incredible again this year. Shout outs to our George Washington Parkway Classic runners this weekend, our triathletes, and all the EC people are putting in.

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