Celebrating Chief’s 12 B-Day

DATE: 2021-10-30
AO: Freestate
Q: Winston
PAX: Deagle, Horshack, CashOnly, ShowMe, Old Bay, Riot, Booking, Butter FNGs: Chief, Sherlock
12 ssh
12 Bonnie Blairs
12 shoulder tap mirkins
12 lunge walks out and back
12 cherry pickers
2 laps sprints in the ends
12 arm circles x 4
12 wind mills

“Get down Chief”

Pax in a circle, sprints in place until Q says get down.
Pax completes one burpee, counts it out, repeats to 12

Don’t drop the ball

Pax counts off and 1&2 start at one side of the field about 10 yards apart.
Pair must complete three passes on the way out and again on the way back. Dropped ball is 5 squats. Rest of pax completes exercise until they return. Repeat until everyone has gone.


1) balls to the wall
2) jump squats
3) shoulder taps
4) Carolina Dry Ducks
5) 5th exercise…

Pax plays football
Scored on team 5 burpees
Scoring team 3 burpees

12 reverse crunches
12 Freddie Mercuries
12 outlaws x 2
12 lbcs
12 count protractor at 12 degrees
12 count plankorama
12 flutters
12 scissors
12 flutters

Next Saturday – The Grunt…


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