Perfect 10

DATE: 2021-10-18
AO: Patriot
Q: Wedding Singer
PAX: CableGuy, Lazlo, Lucius, My Space, Booking, Ice Tea, Jag FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Itty Bitty Arm Circles, Cherry Pickers, WMH, imperial walkers, downward dog, world’s greatest stretch THE THANG: rotate twice through stations with coupon
1. 10x overhead press, Merkins, squats. Repeat. Rifle carry to 2 2. 10x kettlebell swing, shoulder taps, curls. Repeat. Shoulder carry to 3
3. 10x Atlas shrug, mountain climbers, around the worlds. Repeat. Farmer carry to track 4. Run a lap – timer for 1,2,3
MARY: leg lifts over coupons (lots of those), Freddie Mercuries, toe touch crunches, side plank – thread the needle, side plank w/ crunch, Superman’s, bridges, big boy sit-ups, flutter kicks ANNOUNCEMENTS: the Grunt, Turkey Trots
COT: it’s getting cold. Get some warmer gloves, dig out warmer clothes (I found great stuff in my Teenaged son’s closet) and KEEP COMING TO F3.

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