DATE: 2021-10-16
AO: Farm
Q: Jag
PAX: Chile, Infinity, Matthew – Running Man
FNGs: None
WARMUP: IBAC; Overhead Press; Michael Phelps; SSH; IW; Copperhead Squats; SSH; Cherries; WMH; Windmills; Down Dog; Up Dog; Merkins; and SSH.
THE THANG: Alternated a run 43 yards out and back – which was then followed by 4 Burpees and then 3 Burpees (including sets with Prisoner and Kraken variations) – with the following sets: 43 seconds of Squat Thrusters with and without a coupon, sharing among the PAX; 43 seconds of Walking Lunges with and without coupon, sharing among the PAX; 43 yards of Coupon Cleans, Jerks and Throws (4 times, sharing among the PAX); 43 LBCs; 43-yard Bear Crawl; 43 WWIIs; 43 Squat Calf Raises; 43 Penguin Crunches; and Coupon Slams. MARY: Flutterkicks; Freddie Mercuries; and Nolan Ryans.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Grunt and . . .
COT: Chad Wilkinson honorably served our country as a SEAL for over 2 decades. Sadly, he lost his battle with mental illness by taking his life at the age of 43, which is about this same age of many of the PAX. We will honor his life on November 20 by doing the Chad1000X at Olympus – 1000 step-ups, alone or with a group, with or without a ruck. However, we need to also remember his lesson: You are not in this alone. You are not expected to go through this alone. Look to the left and the right of you. Just as iron sharpens iron in The Gloom, we support each other. Out.

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