Iron Pax Challenge Week 4

DATE: 2021-10-01
AO: Patriot
Q: Fish Fry
PAX: Kodiak, Riot, Booking, Lucius, Old Bay, Bone, Spokes, Lazlo, Maj. Payne, 2 percent, citrus, Big Short, CableGuy, Maguire, Undertow, Flipper, Brown Bag, Sunshine, Poe, Disco, Mayberry, 3 mile FNGs: None
WARMUP: Imperial Walkers, Overhead Claps, Rockettes
THE THANG: 52’30” AMRAP called MaryAnne’s Mayhem (who is this MaryAnne?) Each exercise interrupted after 25 for 25 yard sprint and 3 burpees 200 curls w/ Coupon
175 squats
150 overhead press w/ Coupon
125 kettle bell swings w/ Coupon
100 Merkins
75 thrusters w/Coupon
50 Bonnie Blair’s (both legs =1 rep)
25 Blockees
MARY: Are you kidding me
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Recovery party at Maj Payne’s House tonight at 7p COT: We did it. We did it together, and it was better b/c we did it together.

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