Soccer field station rotations

DATE: 2021-09-02
AO: Highlands
Q: Booking
PAX: 2 percent, Jenner, Jag, Obadiah, Trolley, Riot, Toolbox, Katniss FNGs: @webex
WARMUP: SSHx12, windmillsx12, cherry pickersx12, hill billiesx12, arm circles x24, downward dog, cobra Kai
THE THANG: mosey around perimeter of soccer field to 6 stations of various exercises including coupon curls, kettlebell swings, overhead presses, around the worlds as well as lunges, big boy sit ups, burpees, penguin crunches, running man, SSH, calf raises,etc. as one pax ran the perimeter of the field the others did the station exercises. We rotated around the stations with different exercises 3x. Finished with bear crawl to center field and back. MARY: LBC and flutter kicks
ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stair climb, iron pax at the patriot on Friday
COT:7 positive ways to start your day1) smile 2) be kind 3) don’t give up 4) don’t compare yourself to others- we are all on different journeys in life 5) avoid negativity 6) make peace with your past and look forward 7) take care of your body and mind- which is why we are here this morning!

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