Seven Stations of Pain, Part 3

DATE: 2021-08-30
AO: Loco
Q: Mutombo
PAX: Mudder, Ronaldo, Hoff, Shute, Leonidas, Tink, Fuji, Dreamcatcher, Nolan, Bobcat, Refueler, Aragorn, Anchorman, Gigawatt, Brisket, Rikers FNGs: FNG: Hatch Untaggable: Stitches
WARMUP: Jog, butt kicks, high knees, side shuffles, karoakes, worlds greatest stretch, side plank reach throughs THE THANG: Station #1 Iron Chest x 10
Sprint length of basketball court and back x3 Hold Squat
Station #2 Alternating lunges with coupon x10
Alternating T-pushups x10 Hold high plank
Station #3 Mountain climbers x10
Side straddle hops x10 Hold back plank
Station #4 Squats with coupon x15
Run Backwards
length of basketball court and back x3 Hold high plank
#5 Bent over rows with dumbbells x10
Iron Mikes x10 Hold Squat
#6 Bear crawl around lane of basketball court x2
Shoulder taps x10 Hold Back plank
# 7 Bobby Hurleys x10 Carolina dry-docks x10
Hold Squat

MARY: 30 LBCS, 30 leg raises, 20 dancing chilcults
ANNOUNCEMENTS: DC Stair Climb on 9/11, also on 9/11: Men’s Leadership Conference @ Purcellville Baptist Church. Keep an eye on the storm soon to hit Louisiana
COT: Prayed for the 13 US Servicemembers who died in Afghanistan, along with the 90+ people of Afghanistan who also died. When you don’t immediately know how to help, its time to pray. Also, when you think you know what to do, its also time to pray.

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