Prospect Park CO-Q

DATE: 2021-08-19
AO: Highlands
Q: Toolbox
PAX: Jenner, Katniss, Trolley, Jag
FNGs: None
WARMUP: YHC led the PAX through a quick & extra dynamic warm up with SSH, air squats, merkins, mountain climbers, repeat-o, windmills, and WMH

THE THANG: Jenner led a mosey over to Prospect Park with a stop for max pull-ups, skips, paint the lines, YHC led air squats and merkins, repeat-o, max pull-ups on a shipping container, and an 80% sprint up a hill, and finally up the stairs to a circular platform with benches.

After some SSH, find the small kettle bell under the bench, and break up into 5 stations:

1. Kettle bell swings x 50 (the timer)
2. Dips
3. Run stairs + 15 merkins
4. Run stairs + 5 burpees
5. Bulgarian split squats

MARY: Carry kettle bell to top of Prospect Park, ring of fire passing the coupon while everyone does air squats x 10, American hammers x 10, and v ups x 5. Ricky Bobby back to the parking lot passing the kettle bell from front to back.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 9/11 stairs and The Grunt coming up.

COT: Jenner said while overlooking the Air Force Memorial, we should appreciate the Air Force and other armed forces as they helped defend us during 9/11 and let’s hope for safe departure from Kabul. YHC is reminded of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Our faith keeps us strong and devoted. The fellowship is honestly what keeps me coming out here. And the fitness is almost the least important but still the core and the health and what should drive us to become better.

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