Dan and Dave

DATE: 2021-07-28
AO: Horizon-Ao
Q: sticks
PAX: 3 mile, Brown Bag, Kodiak, Riot, sticks, Lazlo
FNGs: attache
WARMUP: SSH, Michael Phelps, Stretching
The Thang: Dan and Dave
1) 100 meter sprint
2) Long jump – broad jumps
3) Shot put – 10 thrusters
4) High jump – run 10 yds, 10 squat jumps
5) 400m run
6) 110 meters hurdles – bear crawl 10 yds, squat jump
7) Discus throw – 20 around the world with coupon
8) Pole vault – back bridge holds
9) Javelin throw – 20 burpees
10) 1500 meters (1 mile run)
MARY: Flutterkicks, LBC’s
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy Hour on Thursday
COT: Olympic athletes win by making the Olympics, just like Pax win by showing up early for a workout. Thoughts on Simone Biles: we never know what it is truly like walking in another’s shoes

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