KISS Steps & Burpees

DATE: 2021-07-07
AO: Compound
Q: Hightower
PAX: Rambler, Ashe, Popeyes
FNGs: None
Done and progressive as we jogged toward parking deck

Follow the leader up 7 story parking deck. At top: round 1-10 burpees, round 2-9, round 3-8, round 4-7, round 5-6, round 6-5 burpees Then fellowship jog back to field

25 cc flutter kicks

Old Town launch Sat
Rambler Q Thurs Olympus
Regional call coming July 20 or 21
MjP & Zeus bday Co-Q coming July 31

Be there for your F3 brothers! We don’t know what’s going on at home for all PAX, so we need to support one another for health & wellbeing.

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