Chrome plated PAX

DATE: 2021-07-07
AO: Patriot
Q: Lazlo
PAX: Wedding Singer, CableGuy, Spokes, Maj. Payne, Lucius
FNGs: None
Today was something like an ironPAX prep. IPX-lite. We’ll call it chrome-plated. Nothing easy about this one though. And we managed to knock out Maj. Payne’s burpees for the day.

WARMUP: quick warmup with some SSH, copperhead squats, cherry pickers, Michael Phelps, and a mosey around the football field to talk about the routine. THE THANG:
The routine was on a 35 minute timer. PAX were competing against themselves to complete as many rounds of exercises as possible. On a 5 minute timer, we did burpees, adding 5 each time. So after 5 minutes, 5 burpees, and 10 minutes, 10 burpees. No burpees at 0 and 35 minutes however. A round of exercises was: -coupon/rifle carry lunges, to the 10 yd line and back
-30 kettlebell swings
-15 squat thrusters
-10 derkins (on the coupon)
-frog jump to the 30 and mosey back
MARY: flutter kicks, just so we could say we did Mary
ANNOUNCEMENTS: either a Sasquatch or a float or a Sasquatch float is coming up. Stay tuned.
COT: The PAX impressed the QIC today. That was rough and every PAX was pushing through the last timer. Well done.

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