Coupon Ladders for the Lads

DATE: 2021-07-03
AO: Freestate
Q: Old Bay
PAX: Old Bay
FNGs: Winston
20 SSH
15 Harry rockets
15 hill billies
15 cherry pickers
30 Frankensteins
15 Michel Phelps

Coupon ladders

Three sets of each group with a lap in between every set

5 coupon burpees
10 coupon curls
15 overhead press

5 dirkins
10 coupon squats
15 coupon rows

5 Carolina dry docks
10 grave diggers
15 coupon side squats

20 dying cockroaches
10 J los
10 count plank o rama
20 Freddy mercurys
20 rodeo flutters

COT: coffeeteria

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