AO: Delphi

QIC: El Nino

The PAX:  Zeus, Roddick, Gadget, Derecho, Nano, Pop-Fly, Slider, Ba Da Boom, Wham-O, Hightower, Dunder, YNAB


SSH; WMH; Arm Circles; Down-dog; Cobra Kai; Cherry Pickers; Michael Phelps.

The Thang: 13 Stations (PAX made it through one rotation)

1. 300 yard sprint (out and back) TIMER

2. Curls with 2x25lb dumbbells

3. Incline row using TRX

4. KB swings w/30lb KB

5. Farmer’s carry with 2xCBs

6. Body weight Air Squats

7. Weighted overhead lunge walk (10lb mace, alternating arms)

8. Perfect Push-ups

9. Pull-ups (using rings)

10. Weighted reverse pickle pounders (35lbs)

11. Step-ups (on stadium stairs)

12. Derkins (feet on steps)

13. Jump rope

6 Minutes of MARY:

Freddie Mercurys, Pickle Fluffers, World War Ones, Mountain Climbers, Flutter Kicks, Plank Variations, Hello Dolly’s,

Circle of Trust (COT):

Seeking a deeper understanding of personal sacrifice for the greater good.

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