Willie’s Wednesday Workout (Coupon)

Weather: 50’s

AO: Annapolis

Q: Counselor

PAX: Alamo, Almanac, Agassi, Chew Toy, Countdown, Dorothy.

Warm-up: Side Straddle Hop, Windmills, Mosie to 2nd Floor with coupon

The Thang:

Core and Strength – 2 minute 14 rounds with a 30 second break in between each exercise.

Chest Squeeze Squat

Plank-Merkin on Coupon

On Knees Curls

Plank to Sphinx Pose on Coupon

Bent Rows


Front Arm Raises

The Atlas

Straight Leg Dead Lift

Shoulder Press

Standing Skull Crusher

American Hammers with Coupon

The Toe Smasher

Curb Merkins

Mosie back to Flag with coupon


Note: during workout Q lost grip (standing skull crushers), coupon fell and shattered into several pieces. Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, and shout-out/words of wisdom, prayer.

Exercise Sources: YouTube Channels: Sharing Fitness, MLF Press Channel, MarkSoyfer, and SportsSpecific.US

Spotify Playlist: Willie’s Weekday Workout

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