waddUP Wednesday Beastgate09Sept20

“If I’m gonna do something, it’s gonna be sick, and it’s gonna be so cool…or it’s gonna be the most hideous four seconds of my life while I just freefall to the ground. – Alex Honnold”

Weather – Delightful 68, slight breeze, moderate humidity

PAX: Counselor, Chew Toy, Almanac, Dorothy, Agassi, Countdown (QIC)


SSH 4×20

Copper Head Squat 4×20

Sideways Starfish (10 Sec x2 (Left/Right))

Heal Taps (4×20)

Shoulder Taps (4×20)


*Run to the top of parking garage for debrief/partner up

Burpees – 25

Overhead Press – 50 (4 count)

Merkins – 100

Bear Crawl – End

Crawl Bear – Start


Plank Jack of Fire (one PAX does 25 plank jacks while rest of PAX hold plank)

Scissor Dolly of Fire (see above, but 26 to get equal love)

Nolan Ryan 4×20

Randy Johnson 4×20

Moleskin: Mumble chatter was on the uptick until a confused motorist decided to trapes across the battlefield. After a brief pause the PAX resumed the morning team downpainment! The concrete was particularly clean, and the pax crawling definitely helped to get it “eat off the ground” clean. The men were so eager to finish that they left extra time for Mary…so thoughtful.

CoT: HH coming up in a few weeks, Countdown will post a poll to see which “port” we can drop anchor in…YHC closed out with a prayer for thanks, healing, and for everyone to cover down on those around them.

Thank you men for the opportunity to serve and lead!



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