Gotta Catch’em All! 26Aug20

Pokémon! Oh you’re my best friend…In a world we must defend…Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all! A heart so true, Our courage will pull us through…

Weather – A pleasant 71, humidity not too bad, clear enough to see a good sunrise

PAX – Nemo, Chew Toy, Agassi, Doroty, Counselor, Almanac, Countdown (QIC, YHC)


– SSH 4×20

– Merkins 4×20

– Hillbilly 4×20

– Monkey Humpers 4×20


The Rotation Pain Station was in full effect, leaving murdered reps in its wake…

– Kraken Burpees x 105

– Plank Jacks x 950

– Starjumps x 647

– Plank hold x 1215(sec)

– Smurf Jacks x 964

– Flava-Flav Merkins x 203

– Scissor Dollies x 567


After countless hours of directly/indirectly watching Pokemon (easily exceeds 1k hours) YHC felt a calling that must be shared with the PAX, hence the inspiration for a TV Show/Video game music themed beatdown! The bleary eyed PAX quickly dialed in when the FINAL COUNTDOWN kicked off the beatdown start…and there was no turning back! Rep after rep, round after round, these HIM found the strength to continue on…to push each other to be the very best like no one ever was! They knew, that this very morning was their destiny, with their best friends, in a world we must defend….Pokémon! Gotta catch ’em all!


YHC closed it out with a prayer to remember those in harm’s way along the Gulf Coast, to have courage in the face of adversity, and to make the hard right versus the easy wrong

Thank you for the push gents!!! Aye!


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