LA LA Land Workout at the Delphi!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020


QIC: Nano

PAX: Hightower, Obadiah, YNAB, Peloton, Dunder

Warmup: Fellowship jog to the field. SSH, windmills, willie mays hayes, arm circles, then stretched calves & hamstrings, and ended with some merkins IC.

The Thang: The PAX lined-up along the end-line for the first of many rounds of Legs, Arms, Lungs, and Abs (LALA). The rounds went as follows:

Round 1:

  • Lunge walk to the 10 yard line
  • Crab walk or bear crawl back
  • 50% pace run to 10 yard line, sprint back
  • 10 – LBCs IC
  • Repeat 4x, increase 10 yards/10 reps each time
  • Pick up six and move on to round 2.

Round 2:

Don’t Let it drop Wall Sits: The PAX all line up on the wall with 2 cinderblocks on one end. The cinder blocks are passed down the line to the other end. When he received the block, last HIM in the line stands up with the cinderblock to bang-out 10 arm curls before running with the cinderblock to join the wall and pass it down the line. When the cinderblock reaches the end, the next HIM stands up and does the curls. On the second time through, the HIM standing do overhead triceps extensions. 4 reps each. Recover with a lap, stopping for WWI, flutter kicks, and Freddie Mercury’s on the corners.

Round 3: Partner up for the following round:

  • Air-squats IC x 50
  • With partner, wheel barrel to 25, switch and continue to 50
  • sprint to end line, 50% pace on 100 yrd return.
  • Double-Ds – 50 IC
  • Repeat 1x, no time to do the staircase down.

Announcements: The 9/11 stair-climb event training begins at Compound this Wednesday. Get your calendar cleared for Friday 9/11 or Sat 9/12 to join a 100+ people at the steps of the Lincoln memorial! This Friday at Delphi is the 1776 WOD, starts at 0530.

Message: Hard work vs. Good Habits, Richard Biggs: “Hard work, the physical effort necessary for success, is of no value when directed toward the wrong endeavor.” We are all doing the hard work, but as we work through the the week, make sure you take the time to make course corrections to maximize your effort. Overtime this will turn into a habit and occur without thinking.

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