Grassy Mess

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Maj Payne

The PAX: Lazlo, Tea Party, Wedding Singer, Cable Guy, Brown Bag, Fuzz, Spokes, Bone, Lucius, Citrus, Sunshine, Sticks, 3-Mile, Coconuts

Following our nation’s 244th birthday celebration weekend, 15 HIM pushed themselves out of the fartsack and gathered for a summer grassy mess beatdown as the gloom melted away into another steamy F3TheCapital morning. The following is a true story.

WU: SSH, IW, LBAC front and rear, WMH, Cherry Pickers, because you pick cherries up off the ground after they fall from the tree, BWS and of course, Merkins.

The Thang:

Wall sit in preparation for a gauntlet of fun. PAX alternate bear crawl and lunge walk approx every 10 yds along the track curve to the snack shack. Once all PAX gather again, broad jump to the scoreboard, then traveling burpee out of the stadium grounds.

Mosey to the baseball fields and stop just short for a quick round of conveyor belt 11s. Odds to the bottom, Evens up top. Alternate between shoulder tap Merkins and Bonnie Blairs. 10 and 1, 9 and 2, and so on. Run straight down, Diagonal up.

Mosey onto the never-before-used-by-F3TheCapital wet grass baseball field for a build-up four corners. PAX 1-4 to far corner, 5-8 to other far corner, 9-12 to near corner and 13-15 to other near corner. Start with 10 x Burpees. Rotate. Then 10 x Burpees and 20 x Carolina Dry Docks. Rotate. 10 x Burpees, 20 x Carolina Dry Docks, 30 x Jump Squats. Rotate. 10 x Burpees, 20 x Carolina Dry Docks, 30 x Jump Squats, 40 x LBCs.

With time running short, and all PAX completely covered in wet grass, time to head back to the start point. Along the way, we called “Grenade” and dropped to the ground to ensure we fully embedded the grass. Then recover and sprint back to the stadium.

Mary: 25 x Flutter Kick!

COT: It’s important to get outside and push yourself. In fact, we all need to do things that scare us a bit. Set goals that you’re not sure you can accomplish. Push yourself. After I listened to a recent Spartan Up podcast, I was inspired by what they had to say. I hope you are too. (On the field, I said Strength in Numbers, a Spartan Up spinoff podcast led by a couple Special Ops Survivors leaders, which is also a good one, but it was Spartan Up with Tyler Jack Harris & Joe De Sena).


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