Thunder what?? 6.13.2020

Q-Chew Toy

Warmup: Thunder burpees

Spartan Sprint

Run 1 mile

10 Merkins

10 burpees 

10 mountain climbers (2 is 1)

10 Jumping jacks

10 air squats

10 forward lunges

10 hand release Merkins

Run 1 mile 

10 tuck jumps

10 plank up downs

10 plank shoulder taps (2is1)

10 knee slap mountain climbers(2is1)

10 backward lunges (2is1)

10 glute bridge raises 

10 dips

Run 1 mile

10 decline Merkins

10 single leg squats (2is1)

10 double calf raises

10-second plank

10-second 6-inch leg hold

10-second iso squat

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