Copy and Paste

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Lazlo

The PAX: Bone, Brown Bag, 3 Mile, FNG Cable Guy, Lucius, 2 Percent, Bone, Bambino, Speedo, Sticks, Situation

You know Red Barchetta? Good, ‘cause we’re not doing that….

WARM UP: SSH (IC) x 5, jump squat x 5 (repeato, 3x)

Mountain climbers (IC) x 5, merkins x 5 (repeato, 3x)


The PAX mosey’d to the baseball field, where your QIC assumed everything would be perfectly dry. Not the case. So we moved on to exercise #2: burpees around the bases.

PAX completed 5 burpees at 1st base, 10 burpees at 2nd, 15 burpees at 3rd, and 20 burpees at home plate, conveniently located next to 3rd base. Between rounds, PAX completed a lap to the outfield fence and back. When finished, PAX mosey’d back t the football field for…

Vacuum cleaners. PAX partnered up and lined up on the goal line. One PAX helped the other wheelbarrow forward to the 10 yd line, did 5 Derkins, then wheelbarrowed backwards to the goal line. Flap jack.

Repeat to the 15 yd line and back. Flap jack.

Repeat to the 20 yd line and back. Flap jack. The PAX were now conveniently located at the goal line for….

Leg Barchetta. PAX ran 100 yds to the opposite goal line and did 100 Sumo squats, and ran back to the original line.

Then ran 75 yds and did 75 regular body weight squats, then returned to the original line.

Then ran 50 yds and completed 50 monkey humpers, then returned.

Somewhere around this time the QIC expected some mumblechatter, but the PAX seemed strangely preoccupied.

Then ran 25 yds and completed 25 Bonnie Blairs. Back to the goal line.

Then 10 yds for 10 burpees. 

MARY: Captain Thor (1/4 WWI/American hammers, then 2/8, 3/12 etc. up the pyramid to 5/20 and back down). 10 toy soldiers (IC). 25 flutter kicks (IC).

COT: Your QIC fessed up to stealing the entire workout from F3 PugetSound, and possibly the Coronavirus, too. So it only seemed right to steal their COT as well. The message was taking responsibility and avoiding a victim mentality. Things happen to people that are out of their control. What you can always control is how you respond. The original QIC was a type-II diabetic and had lost close to 40 lbs. F3 was a big part of how he was changing his lifestyle. Not a victim. Responding in a way that took ownership of his future. We can all take a lesson from that. Aye!

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