Q 1/11/20


PAX-Chew Toy, WildThing, Zen Master

Shoulder Circles x15F x15R
Don Quixote x15
Down Dog Sequence
Egoscue Stretch x10
SSHops x20
Good Morning Merkin x10

Mosey – Paint the lot under the garage, run up stairs and down ramp, back to Flag area.

Routine – set and achieve collective goals!

Mountain Climbers 300
SSHops 200
Merkins 225
Overhead Claps 200
Turf Touchers 300
Lunges 200
Plank Jacks 225
LBCs 400

Mary –
Flutter kicks
Speed bike
Dolphin hops
Starfish Side Plank

COT: Q related a story about the Daily Dad Joke book and how his kids remind him every day to make sure we read one at dinner. Reminder about making time and treasuring the small things, as they mean much more that you might appreciate.

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