Not All Laps Are The Same

January 7, 2020

AO: The General

Q: Jag

PAX: Traveller, Trolley, Monk

Warm-Up: Side-Straddle Hops, Potato Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Itty-Bitty Arm Circles and a fellowship lap.

The Thang: The PAX convened at the pull-up bar, where they each took a turn performing Pull-Ups AMRAP while the other PAX performed a wall sit.

They then moseyed to the near corner of the field to execute 10 Burpees.  The PAX then ran to the small amphitheater on the side of the W&L building to perform Box Jumps and offset Australian Merkins – 10 each side.

At the next corner of the field, the PAX completed 20 Merkins and then did a Serpentine Bleacher Stair Climb.  Upon reaching the next corner, the PAX performed 30 WWIIs and then did a Bear Crawl to the other corner. There they executed 40 Squats.

The PAX completed the lap by ambling over to the bench for Dips and Derkins.

And then they did it again, substituting in Offset Merkins and LBCs for Merkins and WWIIs on the second lap.

Mary: Flutterkicks and Penguin Crunches

COT: Jocko Willink advocates that you deal with adversity with a simple creed – good.  You did not get the promotion that you had been seeking?  Good, it provides you with an opportunity to build skills and improve.  Life is not always fair, and occasionally, kicks you in the you-know-where.  PAX, use the disappointments you encounter as springboards to becoming a better you.  Good!

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