Annapolis Launch

F3 Annapolis – New Year’s Day 2020

PAX: Chew Toy (Q), Hightower, Deflator, 3 FNG’s

Welcome to F3:

Gather at flagpole – not at shovel flag

F3’s mission is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups, in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.

F3 principles:

•    It must be free of charge;

•    It must be open to all men;

•    It must be held outdoor, rain or shine, heat or cold;

•    It must be peer led in a rotating fashion by men who participate in the Workout, with no training or certification necessary;

•    It must end with a Circle of Trust (the “COT”)


Opening Comments:

At 6:50 am on this day nine years ago, 34 men gathered in the gloom. This set into motion a series of events which ultimately delivered you to the gloom too. 

The shovel flag is a symbol which we have grown to love, but it didn’t even exist at the beginning of this first workout so they naturally gathered under the flagpole.

They didn’t know it at the time, but they were launching an unprecedented crusade against sad clowns that would give rise to new found strength in men like you and like me. We are all Qrusaders fighting for ourselves and now too for the men next to us. 

It is not an accident or some sort of coincidence that you posted here today. You posted because you demand more from yourself. Only you know if you are reaching your limits. Stand tall. Feel strong. Be proud. Unshackle your warrior!

Welcome to the Gloom gentlemen. 

The Thang:

Today’s beatdown is not the exact workout performed by the men at the first post, but inspired by it. Unless specified otherwise, all exercises will be to a 34 count in recognition of the 34 men posting at that first workout 9years ago.

¼ mile lap 

In Cadence:

1.    Merkins

2.    Wide-Arm Merkins

3.    Diamond Merkins

¼ mile lap OR Hill Run

In Cadence:

1.    Hydraulic Squats (squat- right knee down- left knee down- right knee up- left knee up- stand up)

2.    Dolly (on your 6 with legs 6” off ground- spread apart- bring together)

3.    Flutter Kick 

4.    LBC

¼ mile lap 

In Cadence:

1.    Side Straddle Hop

2.    Burpees

3.    Mountain Climber 

¼ mile lap

1.    Howling Monkeys (Circle up- 10 monkey humpers each around the circle like dominos- when done you hold it until everyone gets a turn to do theirs… faster is better here.)

2.    Jacob’s Ladder (Increasing burpees by 1 at the top of the hill up to 7 in recognition of the 7th anniversary of F3). Pick up the six when you finish. 

Mosey to the Shovel Flag:

The Campos was a workout group that grew to problematic numbers and created the first starfish style spinoff – this spinoff was the birth of F3. The Campos Qrusaders left the first shovel flag as a tongue in cheek gift to this first pax with the following note attached to it. 

Pax (if you last),

Blood, Sweat, Toil & Beer (to bastardize a great phrase) will breed a deep regard called Brotherhood.  If you give yourselves to this endeavor, you will find it, and it will find you.  

I hope you reach a point today or next Saturday — where you want to quit.  So, in the union of men, “you against you” becomes a public and/or common struggle.  It’s here you will see there is much more in you that you’ve withheld — or in your weakness, you’ve rationalized away.

It’s time; but if you don’t care, we won’t care either.  

What’s it gonna be, son??

– Apostle Gx

We have met this challenge for the first time as a region. Today is the first workout for F3 Annapolis. To commemorate this feat, the last exercise of the morning will be to perform a 100-count plank around our shovel flag.



Chew Toy was the 6



Ball of Man

 Named 3 FNGS’s- Wopr, WildThing and Ponch

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