The Last Love Train of the Decade

4 PAX ran (Bone & Monk) or rucked (Maj. Payne & Jenner) the F3 Love Train for the last Love Train beatdown of the 2010’s. Runners headed East on the W&OD trail for 3 miles out + back. After a bit of miscommunication, the Ruckers … well … rucked. At least I think they did. Come to think of it … they didn’t look tired or sweaty afterwards. Well draw your own conclusions.

During the run, Bone & I reflected on recent experience and how to handle family holiday political discussions. We concluded, as millions already have, in favor of a charitable silence followed by a deft change of topic. Then we traded our best political insights and learned something. It can be done.

Bone & I also passed a few guys running and a rucker. We chose the Love Train AO & Coffeeteria locations for growth, and I expect we won’t be disappointed.

Back at the AO, the four of us talked about using F3TheCapital social media accounts more effectively to grow our region. Stay tuned to Slack for more.

Q Source will start up in January. More to come on that as well.

Coffeeteria at Cafe Amouri.

It’s great to see rucking start at the Love Train. Thanks Jenner and Maj. Payne.


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