Frosty Fun on Mount Olympus

Date: 12-26-2019

AO:  Olympus

QIC:  Nano

THE PAX:  Hightower; Pop Fly; Obadiah; and Dunder

WARM UP:  SSH; SSH with Lateral Arms; Arm Circles; Cherry Pickers; Willy Mayes Haze;


Bleachers: Short mosey to the bleachers where we did a round of lunges and side shuffles up.  Then the real fun began with two-level push-ups up the bleachers.  The frosty surface added to the fun.

The wall: Two rounds of marching wall-sits as we shuffled a cinderblock back and forth along the line.  The music cutout around this point so the conversation took a turn for the worse…

The Field: The PAX started 5 yards apart beginning at the goal line. We did three rounds with the following exercises:
Round 1: Bear crawls and Bonnie Blairs
Round 2: Alligator walk and sit-up/stand-up-jump (AKA reverse burpees).
Round 3: Crab walk and Burpees.
Beginning with the man on the goal line, he would do the first exercise while the rest of the PAX would do the second until the first man reaches the front line.  The the next man would go until everyone makes it through.  Picture is below for clarity.F3 picture

Small Bleachers: We did some bleachers sit-ups by sitting on the lowest bench and locking our feet on the next level up.  The burn on the abs nicely complemented the frosty rear end.

THE MARY: With a little extra in the tank, the PAX (Pop Fly) took over for a few rounds of BWS, Merkins, ring of fire.

CIRCLE OF TRUST:  This time of year is one in which many like to set new goals and objectives for the future.  As we do this, think of ways you can take massive action towards achieving what you want.  But, at the same time, remember to think about the long-game and that making sacrifices now is often necessary to achieve more in the long-run.  Often we need to make sacrifices for those who are around us to help build them up.  What sacrifices can you make now that will lead to lasting improvement in your life and in the lives of those you love?

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