See You at The General

AO: The General


PAX: Toolbox, Trolley, 2 Percent, Traveler, Prenup, Subprime and Lucius

Warm-Up: SSH, IBAC, Cherry Pickers, Windmills and Musclemakers . . . lots and lots of Musclemakers

The Thang:  The PAX convened for a leisurely mosey around the greater General area.  We started with a friendship lap around the track to the pull-up bar.  There each PAX performed a set of pull-ups and then a wall sit while they waited for the other PAX to complete their set.  The PAX then headed to the north end of the stadium for Box Jumps, Derkins and Dips.

From there, the PAX did a Ricky Bobby to the local park, where they did a Crawl Bear up the park’s steps, walking lunges and LBCs.  The PAX then moseyed to The General’s garage to perform Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Crawl Bears, Mt. Everests, Walking Lunges, Reverse Walking Lunges, Al Gores and Seal Claps.

After getting momentarily lost (Hey, thanks Q, it’s not raining or anything!), the PAX returned to the stadium for more Derkins and Dips as well as two rounds of Australian Merkins.

Mary: Speedbike, WWIIs and Penguins

COT: Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Are you going to get right, live right, lead right and leave right or do something else?

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