Teaming Up

AO: The Patriot

QIC: Co-Q Hightower & Prince Harry

The PAX: Hightower, Prince Harry, Dr Dandelion, Jenner, Noodle, Bone, BP, SubPrime


30 cadence count SSH, Imperial walkers, Good morning, Arm circles forward & reverse stretches. Then downward dog calf stretches, evolved into 20 merkins. Final warm up was fellowship jog around track, with high knees, butt kickers and karaoke.

The Thang:

Since Prenup didn’t make it the PAX lined up for Bear crawl to Heaven. Started at end zone, bear crawl 10 yards, followed by 10 air squats, then bear crawl back. Next crawl 20 yards, then 15 air squats, then crawl back. PAX increased 10 yards and 5 more air squats until we made 50 yards long. After recovery, Prince Harry took over the Q.

Next we made our way to center field and started off with some team relays. Split into two team, racing to the end zone, cranking out 10 merkins and back. The rest of the team waited in planks. Moving to the end zone, we finished with more relays at the end zone, racing to the 10, 20, 30 and back in between each.

Mary: Around the circle, little bitty crunches, flutter kicks, circle of merkins/ring of fire and more

CoT: Appreciate everyone coming out today for my VQ and Hightower for Co-Q’ing with me. Continue forward through the day, week, year with the same dedication to our families, friends and colleagues. Continue to lead and set an example for others in your community.

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