Burpee Tennis and More

AO: Patriot 

QIC: Maj. Payne

The PAX: Subprime, Prince Harry, BP, Soot, Noodle, Bone, Traveler, Hightower

It was a clear day at the Patriot with no haze hanging over the AO for the first time in a long while. The PAX were pumped and ready to go. Here’s what we did…


YHC decided that we would each practice leading a warm-up exercise to help prepare for eventually Q-ing a workout.
10 x SSH led by MP
10 x LBAC fwd led by Soot
10 x LBAC rear led by BP
10 x Merkins led by Noodle
10 x Cherry Pickers led by PH
10 x lunges led by Travler
10 x Hillbillies led by HT
10 x IW led by Bone

The Thang 1:

Mosey to 30th St hill. Plank it out as the group assembles at the top. Then run to the bottom of the hill and do 1 x burpee; sprint to top; u-turn back down for 2 x burpees; sprint to top; u-turn and run to bottom for 3 x burpee; sprint to top and plank it out until all PAX finish. Traveler, Soot, BP and Prince Harry nearly lapped YHC! And Noodle survived! Well done PAX!

The Thang 2:

Subprime decided to show after running around all of Georgetown and Arlington in preparation for Ragnar. Welcome to the Patriot, Subprime! Just in time for…the Arena gauntlet AMRAP. Bear crawl across the low ground, with 10 x Merkin in the middle, box jump up the stairs, then run perimeter to bars for 10 x Aussie Merkins. Run to low ground and repeato for 10 min (actually 7).

The Thang 3:

Burpee Tennis! In honor of the U.S. Open, the PAX enjoyed a few rounds of burpee tennis…in the gloom! Split into two teams. One team serves the ball, then 1 x burpee for each team member after each hit. Points scored against for any miss. Games to five. Winners knock out 3 x burpees. Losers get 5 x burpees.

Mosey back to start for 20 x flutter kick and finish!

COT: It’s always an honor to lead the PAX! Getting out in the gloom to share in common misery to become stronger together is a gift. Whenever you give, you receive much more in return. That’s the point of Q-ing. You have the opportunity to provide leadership to the PAX, but in return, you receive fellowship, gratitude and a huge boost to your day. Iron sharpens iron. Aye!

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