Good Things Come in 3s!

When: 6/16/2018

Qs: Adolphus, Rambler, Coco

The Pax: Maj. Payne, Dr. Dandelion, Subprime, Bono, Bone, Earlybird, Happy Gilmore, Jenner, Gavel, Dory, Leprechaun, FNG Barrel Roll, FNG Tootsie, FNG Tire Fire

12 pax joined 5 others as they completed an EC Murph to make 17, including 4 from Churham, 1 from Greenville NC and 3 FNGs, all gathered at Yorktown HS (one of the most expansive and varied AOs YHC has seen) for the 3rd week of the Arlington launch. YHC had the first 20 minutes of the triple-Q, so after a quick round of introductions we were off.


Fellowship jog to the basketball courts for cadence-count instructions and warmup, including SSH, Willie Mays-Hayes, Slow Merkins and Mountain Climbers. 3 Arlington pax and 1 FNG took turns calling the exercises and cadence.

The Thang:

Pax counted off and partnered up, headed to the gym wall for People’s Chair. Partner 1 stayed in PC while Partner 2 sprinted across the BB court, knocked out 5 burpees and sprinted back to relive their partner. Flapjack. Group moved to the handrail (with FNG Alan performing a perfect stunt man barrel roll over the bar) for more partner work – Aussie pull-ups, Merkins & Toe Taps with SSH and burpees for pairs who finished early. Talked through using timers rather than counts to ensure all pax regardless of fitness can all get equally smoked. Sadly 20 minutes goes by quickly, and Rambler took the reins.

From Rambler:

It was 1988 when Paula Abdul’s hit song, “Opposites Attract” was released. Part of the chorus is as follows:

“I take–2 steps forward”
“I take–2 steps back”

These lines have been appropriated and manipulated to serve F3’s needs. Upon taking the reigns from Adolphus, we immediately dove into the Paula Abdul:

PAX lined up along the parking stall lines. It was about 60 yards of bear crawling 2 stalls forward, 5 merkins, crawl bear 1 stall back. Rinse and repeato. YHC called an audible after realizing how ridiculously long this would take. The second half was slightly easier as YHC informed the PAX to move from bear crawl/crawl bear to walking lunge/reverse walking lunge.

After catching the six, we moseyed to the football field and found our partners. As a team, Partner One (P1) held plank while Partner Two (P2) did 20 lateral leaps over P1. Upon hitting 20, P2 grabbed P1s ankles and wheelbarrowed 20 years. Flapjack and repeat back. The next set was similar, P1 got on their 6 and grabbed P2s ankles, executing 20 leg throw downs before P1 moved to child’s pose and P2 leap frogged over P1. The leap frog continued for 20 yards, PAX flapjacked, and repeato.

YHC had more in mind, but time was at a premium and I needed to hand over the beatdown to Coco.

Coco’s 20 minutes (originally billed as the cool down/sing-a-long portion of the workout) turned brutal as the pax moved to the football field and moved across 10 yards at a time, alternating bear crawl and lunge walk, with a burpee pyramid along the way (3 at the 10 yard line, adding 3 each time for 15 at the 50 and then back down, dropping 3 per 10 yards until hitting the goal line for a final 3. Once the 6 was collected and all pax were safely in the end zone, we went right into squat-o-rama, 2 at the 5-yard, 4 at the 10 (and so on) to mid-field, then sprint back. 51 4-count flutters and we were sadly (thankfully?) out of time.


Moleskin: Welcome FNGs Tootsie, Barrel Roll and Tire Fire! Prayers for friends of the pax dealing with illness, and for all the Sadclowns in Arlington (and beyond). May we all shine the light of F3 so they may find their way to the gloom, and find their brothers waiting.

TClaps to Maj. Payne and the Arlington pax who have planted the flag where it is clear to stay. We look forward to following your growth from Churham and to being back up there with you all again soon.


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