F3’s GTE 35 Fundraiser Last Call

Thank you to all who participated in the Super Bowl Squares fundraiser! You’ve helped us raise $8,000 so far for our brothers at the Donovan & Bank Foundation (https://www.donovanbank.org/). This leaves us with $12,000 to raise by Friday March 24th before the GrowRuck Rally. 


Supporting Our Brothers at Donovan & Bank Foundation 

The F3 Community is dedicated to helping D&B accomplish its mission and support our Nation’s Special Operators bring closure to their warrior story and transition to a life of peace, contentment and balance. D&B’s programs include one-on-one counseling, transition workshops, leadership seminars and access to cutting edge treatments for traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress injuries. 

Horshack Needs a Haircut!

If F3 hits our $20,000 goal on Friday March 24th, Horshack will go back in time and receive a mohawk haircut like he had in high school 35 years ago. A very huge thank you to our Brothers in Blue Ridge Region: Tink, Ape, and Roo for producing this hilarious hype video – Enjoy!

Announcing two very unique fundraisers to help achieve our $20,000 Target by 24 March!

  1. F3’s Big Raffle – Bottle of Pappy . . . and Friends!
    • Brought to us by Inbox, and our AOs across the Blue Ridge & TheCapital Regions
    • In addition to a Bottle of Pappy VanWinkle Family Reserve 15 year Bourbon (750 ml, a $3,000 value!!), the winning ticket will also receive the following:
    • Go to https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8S8SkeHi3J and buy your tickets now:
      • $5 for one ticket
      • $20 for five tickets
      • $100 for 30 tickets
  2. D&B’s Special Operations Experience:
    • If you are the TOP DONOR, you will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best warriors in the world, learn what it takes to be in Special Operations, and understand the sacrifice required to preserve our way of life. 
    • Take a look at this amazing experience and see the video here: https://www.donovanbank.org/soe-special-operations-experience  
    • Go to https://www.paypal.com/donate?campaign_id=RBQNFXHBZRAEE and contribute to be TOP DONOR!!
    • Those who did not win Top Donor will have their contributions applied to tickets in F3’s Big Raffle (see fundraiser #1 above)

Winners of both contests will be announced at GTE 35’s Rally on the evening of Friday March 24th at Island Time Bar & Grill at Columbia Island Marina. 

Want to Donate, But Not Interested in the Big Raffle or Special Operations Experience? 

  • Please go to PayPal and send your contribution to F3Fundraiser@gmail.com 
  • Thank you in advance for your donation – regardless of amount. 
  • Every contribution is meaningful and appreciated!

Not registered for GTE 35? 

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