Monday morning Bolt ⚡ special

DATE: 2021-07-19
AO: Loco
Q: Bolt
PAX: Nolan, CrotchRocket, Brisket, Mutombo, Hoff, Bobcat, Inglewood, Refueler, Scranton, Ronaldo, Leonidas FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH IC, Michael Phelps IC, Willy Hayes Mayes IC, Cherry pickers IC, Downward dog OYO, Kobrakai OYO THE THANG: Ricky bobby to Graveyard
20 Incline Diamond Merkins
20 Box Jumps
20 Derkins
20 Side step ups Shute Side
20 Merkins
20 Side step ups Right side

Ricky bobby back to AO

3 rounds X
20 Coupon Chest press IC
20 Goblet Squats IC
20 Coupon swings IC
20 Coupon Curls IC
20 Coupon walking lunges
20 Bent over rows
Surprise .5 mile mosey

MARY: Banded in and out IC
Banded flutter kicks IC
Banded Arm, coupon plank walk

COT: Go home and hug your core. Don’t let others break down your core circle of life. Make sure to dedicate yourself to whatever your core is, Ms, kids, pets, Faith, etc.

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